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Reading Quran Basics

Learn how to read Quran with our best Quran male & female graduated and experienced tutors.

Quran Recitation

Learn how to recite Al-Quran correctly easier and faster than ever with professional Quran tutors.

Quran Tajweed

Learn Quran Tajweed in a super practical and easy way for all ages with highly-qualified teachers.

Quran Classes for Kids

Get your kids not only learn Quran but love it as well with special Quran course of study for kids.

Tafseer Quran

Learn Quran Tafseer online and better understand the Quran with the best Islam & Quran scholars.

Islamic Studies

Study the Islam religion, learn about Quran, Aqidah, fiqah, Islamic history, Hadith, and much more.

Hadith course

Learn hadith online and better understand with our best highly qualified male & females scholars.

Ilm ul faraiz

learn ilm ul faraiz according islam like Wudu, Ghusl, Namaz, Surah, Aqaid and much more.